Rock, paper, scissors on the interweb

Challenge your enemies (or friends) in the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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17 Reviews5.0/5
Fun, but not random. Played 50 hands of paper, computer got 42 scissors.
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I can't stop hitting those nice looking button. Nice and simple design 👍good job
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@ettoretortora Thank you so much!
So what's the odds of beating that computer... 🤪 This will be my go to site for settling feuds. Looks great!
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Hey guys!
 I’m the maker of Handcramp, together with @elinaaberg .
 We wanted to create a simple and nice looking game to help settle arguments in a fun way. Challenge your enemies (or friends) or try beating the computer, she’s surprisingly powerful! Or is she…?
 What do you think? We would love some feedback!
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Can you beat the computer haha I'm 20 rounds deep and have yet to win. Beautiful website!
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@gage_wright Legend has it that someone beat the computer by 40-0.
 Or wait. Was it the other way around? I can’t remember..
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