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Qasim Naqvi@drqasimnaqvi · Founder @startupbnb
Nice idea, I am having trouble figuring out used cases for this.
Jason ShenHunter@jasonshen · Co-founder, Headlight
I think it's great to see libraries that help bridge the experience gap between native app and mobile websites. Definitely try opening this on a mobile device to get the full experience!
Jason ShenHunter@jasonshen · Co-founder, Headlight
@jasonshen Also, it's looking for a new owner! https://github.com/hammerjs/hamm...
Christian Montoya@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
I've used this with a Phonegap app and it works really well up to a point... you have to be careful about combining tap gestures with more complex stuff like swipe or pinch. I started out using Hammer for all gestures and then going back to pure event listeners for all the tap stuff because I'm pretty sure using Hammer to track everything was making things extremely slow and unresponsive. But it's working perfectly for adding a layer of swipe & pinch tracking to a Phonegap app that previously only supported touch events.