Halo for Amazon

Donate more with Halo when you shop on Amazon!

Halo for Amazon™ is an extension that utilizes Smile and Affiliates to donate between 1.5%-10.5% of your Amazon purchases to charity! You can choose which charities you want to support, add your own charities/YouTubers/Twitch streamers etc., and track how much you and the world has helped contribute with Halo!

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This is a great idea i never used smile because .5 :/ ty. Look out hamazon and Jeffrey boobos.
Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
I'd love to see more mainstream charities supported by this extension. I didn't recognize more than one or two of the organizations listed on the settings page.
Incoming Software Engineer
@magnuson I was surprised when I looked around and found that basically no mainstream charities are Amazon affiliates, as they all promote Amazon Smile, even though they can participate in both. Trust me, I looked for hours online trying to find any charities I could that used it as I wanted to offer the best selection. That said, if you do find that a charity has an affiliate link that you want to use the extension with, you can add it at the bottom of the settings page! Either way, I hope you'll find it useful since it's basically free donations to charity, even if they're not the largest of charities :)
@magnuson @patriotech since google has gone npc and removed the extension do you have a firefox version? thank you