Halo Back

World's first smart screen protector

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This is super cool! I wonder if screen protector made to Apple specifications to ensure that it will work with 3D Touch? [http://www.macrumors.com/2015/09...]
This is an interesting idea, however what is the benefit over the back gesture? (swipe from outside the left side of the screen into the inside of the screen)
This is Pretty Awesome !
Yes, now I would buy an iPhone! Why not any button in the right though? Like app switcher or anything the user wants (customisable action) EDIT: Oh, I thought there was an app behind it, but it seems to be just the screen protector!
Great idea but as an alternative, you can double touch (not push, just touch) your iphones home button and it will bring your screen down so it's easier to hit the top buttons, like the back buttons, with your thumb.
@dakotayounger Still 3 taps vs 1