Guided prayer and meditation mobile app

Hallow is a guide to renewing your faith & finding peace through prayer & meditation. It's based in the Christian & Catholic tradition.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex JonesCEO and co-founder at Hallow

    Peace, calm, building a relationship with God


    Nothing from me!

    Really trying to find the intersection of the contemplative meditative spiritual practices and our Christian faith!

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    Amazing app! Has really helped open my eyes to new methods of prayer.


    It’s a new app so the volume of content is not tremendous yet but they are constantly adding new material

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Free E-Book up for grabs on renewing your prayer life too! 🙏🤔
Hi everyone, super excited to release Hallow later this year. We offer guided prayer and meditation sessions for users and are really hoping to help people find the intersection between contemplative / meditative practices and the Christian faith. Reach out if you have any questions whatsoever, would love to hear from you!