Halide 1.5

A camera app designed from scratch for iPhone X

Halide 1.5 has been an insane labor of love over the last few months. When we saw the iPhone X, we decided we wanted to make a new UI for it that played to its strengths. We redesigned the UI to be completely usable with one hand. The viewfinder is completely unobstructed. The 'ears' are used for functional readouts. This is made for X. :)

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Steve U
Steve U@uffel · iOS Developer & Entrepreneur
How did you guys approach designing for hardware you didn't have? Do you expect to have to revisit your assumptions once you're using it for a bit in the wild?
Sebastiaan de With
Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@uffel @sandofsky can answer this in more detail, but we did a lot of simulating. This is obviously hard (we can't do it in the simulator! No camera!) so he actually built an X UI INSIDE of the iPhone 8 screen to test our new design. For product shots we had to 3D-render phones, as we couldn't photograph our shots... it was interesting!
Ben Sandofsky
Ben SandofskyMaker@sandofsky
@uffel @sdw Yup. I think faking out the UI on an iPhone 7 Plus helped answer a few questions we had around the UI, like whether shifting the toolbar to the bottom would interfere with users trying to swipe to change exposure. It led to us rerouting tap in certain situations, to help reduce user mistakes. While running an X UI on an 8 screen still required a little imagination, holding real hardware in your hand makes a huge difference.
Raviraj Minawala
Raviraj Minawala@rv1raj · Raviraj Minawala
Hands down, this is the best pro-camera for iOS
Sebastiaan de With
Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@rv1raj Thanks so much Raviraj 🙏
Matthew Louden
Matthew Louden@matthew_louden
The UI is amazing. I was wondering what features you’re planning on adding in the future?
Sebastiaan de With
Sebastiaan de WithMaker@sdw · Founder, Pictogram
@matthew_louden We can't completely divulge all our secrets, but we've got 3D touch shortcuts on the way and a widget in our next update.
Alex Buga
Alex Buga@alexbuga · UI/UX Designer, in/PACT
@sdw I just wish for longer exposure times ! :D PS: Already told you on Twitter I think, but I LOVE the Leica-ish font. Especially when you manually focus.
Kevin Guebert
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on https://harvy.app
By far one of the best use cases I've seen of embracing the new iPhone X design styles. Nicely done 🤙