A gentle mobile puzzle game about reunion

In a world dominated by black and white, two elements are seeking a path to reunite and restore the harmony. ½ Halfway was made using Buildbox, without writing a single line of code and during self isolation!
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Hey everyone, I am the maker of ½ Halfway. The development of this game started during the self isolation period due to the Coronavirus situation, and the main goal was to create a stylish, relaxing, puzzle game highly optimized for mobile devices. Hope you like it! There are no ads or any in-app purchases.
A very stylish puzzle game. Love the black and white design!
@carina_chen Thank you so much!
Looks nice. Will try it out.
@jaskaranrehal Thank you! Would love to hear your feedback after :D
Can’t wait to play this! Love the minimalist look and feel. Crevasse makes some truly creative games!