Halftime Live

HQ, but for sports trivia

Halftime Live is like HQ, but exclusively sports trivia. Daily games are held during halftime of a nationally televised game each evening.

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This reminds me of G.O.A.T. (no, not LL Cool J's wondering song). An "HQ" for sports makes a lot of sense.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!! We're excited to be on Product Hunt!
Excited to be on Product Hunt! We have a special referral code for our fellow hunters! Enter the referral code "Producthunt" during sign up and we'll add an extra life to your account! Feel free to provide any and all feedback! We ❤️PH at HTL!
If you decide to give it a go, be a friend and hook me up with an extra life by using my promo code: davis I will owe you a favor in the future!
By far, one of the better HQ Trivia-esque apps! This is for the HQ players that wish the questions were just sports focused :-) @thisistomking, great work! Do you find that not having an exact play time works to your benefit or does it limit the opportunity to form a habit?
@bbzeven Hey Zev! Because we launched just a few weeks ago and most of our games have been during halftime of NBA games (on either ESPN or TNT) we have usually got going a little after 6pm PT on most night. When we have gone on earlier than that is where we see the biggest variance in user engagement. Later in the night seems to be better so far! We're hoping that over time is that the habit we form is for sports fans to automatically think of us when halftime occurs for the biggest sporting events!
Would love to play this, but unlike HQ Trivia this is nearly impossible to play in Europe since halftime is usually 3-5am 😟 Looking forward to it during the NFL season!
@fanahova Yeah the 3-5am window is a tough one to make! We've done some weekend games earlier in the day. Hope you can catch one of those! :)