Remove World Cup tweets from your timeline

I don't know why on earth would somebody do this. But my friends @tehranix & @par_ham just did. If you are for some unbelievable reason did not enjoy Van Persie and Robben goals against Spain, just follow the link.
They can be sure they have one more user here. Not everybody is interesetd in football and social media can be really annoying during such events :) Thank you @tehranix & @par_ham I'm going to give it a try and see if it works well.
My buddy @ZackShapiro built Silencer, a Chrome Extension to hide tweets and Facebook posts that contain certain keywords, exactly for this use case.
Thanks for posting this @nikitakorotaev :) We love football but got annoyed with our timelines being overcome by football (& soccer :p) commentary, so we built it yesterday. Events like the world cup show the need for twitter to provide better filtering options. It's built on top of "Open Tweet Filter" https://github.com/rstuven/OpenT... Silencer looks great! There's definitely a need for better filtering on social media.
wish there was a way to do this on tweetbot and facebook