Hale Orb

Natural and fun way to browse pictures on a big screen

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Naotake Murayama
Naotake Murayama@the_naotake · Entrepreneur
Literally, brings your family memories into your hands. A human device + web platform that embodies the team's understanding of users and sophisticated technology.
Ken Miura
Ken MiuraMaker@ken_miura · Founder, DouZen
Thanks for finding us, original hunter!
Ramanath Bhat
Ramanath BhatHunter@ramnathbhat · Sony Ventures
@ken_miura can't wait to try the product
Heather Cochran
Heather Cochran@heather_cochran · Author Humanitarian in Heels- http://kck
Looking forward to supporting the crowdfunding campaign! Perfect for Father's Day!