Humans are Underrated, F*CK AI

We did Hal because AI doesn't work yet, so why try to turn a computer into a human when there’s a lot of us out there? s?

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Commenting just to say what a great video.
@perazamichael awesome! take a look at the app!
Reminds me of Fin or Magic... Curious how this business will scale.
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Yes we have that figured it out how to scale this worldwide. Differences between Fin or Magic is that with Hal you will pay just 7,99$ monthly subscription and you will be able to ask anything as many times as you want. This is more like Siri, but Human.
@chrismessina @alexheikel Also how the platform insures users privacy ? . you are basically giving all your personal identifiable information with this one to a human working on pennies . A similar service existed in early 2008 named Chacha. They don't seem to be online anymore . Chacha was built for smaller queries however HAL is designed to work with more complex queries which is even more work for a low paid human . I am not hattin on the spirit but unless incentive problem is resolved i don't see this one scaling. Stanley Kubrick's HAL was an AI with Common sense / AGI . I am a big fan of 2001. As a fan i feel little bit let down by use of the HAL reference here . Unless you can convince me otherwise i see this not scaling locally let alone worldwide.
@alexheikel @tvij132b by using a service like this, you have to implicitly agree to relax your privacy boundaries in this context, or else the service won't be very useful. Secrecy and privacy aren't the same things — in this case, sharing personal information and data is just a cost of having someone else do things that you would do for yourself (and in that case, preserving your complete privacy).
@tvij132b @chrismessina Hey Guys, really appreciate the time you took to make those questions, let me explain: - Privacy: Hal doesn't know with whom is talking, and the user doesn't know who is the Hal on the other side. The only thing they know is what they talk about. Everything and every time you ask, the question is assigned to a random Hal. We don't even know where are you located, that's why we give the user the options to send their location if they want. - Low Paid Human: We are using the sharing economy, we are not hiring directly (like Uber), anyone can apply to be a Hal, and if selected you can start working from anywhere you want the time you want. Those users are supposed to earn between 1.500/2.500$ monthly depending on how good their answers are. Imagine how many people are in their homes and cant have a job or disabled person that have a hard time finding a job. On the contrary, Hal will open a world of possibilities for so many people around the world, and the only thing they will need is a phone or computer. - Stanley Kubrick: We are also a big fan of Stanley Kubrick's HAL, but that Hal was way more intelligent than any AI out there. Products like Siri or Alexa are really far from that, so we may be the closest service to the Stanley Kubrick's HAL and we expect the service to improve every day. Actually, we have a 10-year plan for growth and improving the product with more services for the users, and more opportunities for people to work.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out ! This is available on what all devices ?
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! Its available on iOS at the moment.
@ayush_chandra @alexheikel I know you hate robots but make an Android version 😂😛
@ayush_chandra @booligoosh lol... Sure, we are already working on Android version. Thanks!
Does this work in all countries? Or rather does this work well in all countries?
@swiftpolar Hey Lee, only NYC now, we expect to open other cities as fast as possible.

Thinking about signing up to be a HAL to earn some extra cash on the side. Whoever these guys are, think they have a killer idea.


Extremely helpful, the community of Hals are able to quickly answer your questions and guide you with whatever you need when you need it.


once my CC info is able to be incorporated into the app, the assistance will be much more streamline