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I think you just built the GitHub dating app we've been expecting.
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@katie74inc thanks katie, we are actually working on adding Github webhooks so you can automatically log commit messages.
Hi Product Hunt! We created Hakka Logs to connect developers. Let us know what you think.
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@soupcellar Awesome concept. I would be much more interested if you guys could automatically decipher more info from my computer with a mac app or something. I just am so bad at filling out daily log type things, I can't even handle a todo list.
@blainehatab That would be slick and AWESOME, if not invasive. I totally understand not feeling like logging. Sometimes I don't want to do it either. RescueTime will track how long you use a program and that's already a bit creepy. Are you suggesting we do something similar but also capture your screen, then analyze what you're doing and automatically log it? If so I can think of a few privacy concerns. But if you're game...
@soupcellar I'm game but I totally understand your concerns. I have always been into the idea of analyzing your github and tracking your computer to get comprehensive data. If you make profiles that are comprehensive enough, you could start to even generate coder reports over time or 1 day that could completely change the coding interview process. Break down coders by style, language preferences, framework preferences, and even find coder compatibilty matches within your organization. 'There's a 90% chance Tim and this guy would work great together'. That was a tangent... but either way you get where I'm going with that.
@soupcellar Great to see this up here Chris! Awesome idea.
@blainehatab We are totally going to provide less invasive analysis. The github integration will let you control which events get logged so you don't needlessly log every commit and comment. We currently take a cursory look at your public repos, but we have no need to ask for access to your private repos. Maybe one day private repo analysis will be an opt in feature. Full on screen recording is probably not going to make the roadmap although we'll keep thinking on the fully automated logging front. I'm sure there is a way ;)
Interesting mashup of daily task list + networking. Kind of like iDoneThis and Tinder.
@byosko thank you :) Always appreciate your insights!
Github meets Tinder.
This is finally the developer focused LinkedIn [+Tinder] we all wanted!