HakiTo, the dog lovers app, completely revolutionizes how you manage your dog´s health and wellness—all in a fun and engaging way to help ensure that with your busy schedule, all responsibilities to your pooch are taken care of."

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Looks great! As a recently puppy parent, we've been trying out and comparing handfuls of apps. Will there be future functionality for 'shared pets' this way anyone else caring for the dog can also add info?
@geekgirlweb Hi Rebecca. Happy that you liked it. I think our app is most suitable for new puppy parents, because is going to help you to plan your activities and we will send professional vets and trainers tips and tricks. At the moment we don't have any "shared pets", but that's something that we are going to add in the next version. Let me know if you have any more feedback!
While I think this is an interesting app idea, If you need an app to figure out how to improve your dogs life I don't think you should be a dog owner...
@devon_devo_frohne Hi Devo and thank you for sharing your ideas. Even if you're a new dog owner or already have a dog, there is always room for improvement. One example: the number of times that you give him food. For newborn is recommend to give food max 3 times per day and after 1 year only 2 times. Also, we are going to share professional health tips.
@danifeld I could see it being useful for a new dog owner yes. As someone who bred dogs as a kid, I would say all that is pretty inherent.

A really cool app packed with fun features for you and your dog


Fun and engaging way to better manage my dogs health and discipline


None so far

Thank you Nick. Happy to hear that you liked it.

Nice app going to give it a try.





Thank you Matt. Let me know how it's working.
🐶 Woof, I mean hey thanks for hunting @danifeld what were some of the obstacles you faced trying to make Hakito a reality?
Hi @abadesi. Really interesting question. When we started working on HakiTo, first thing first was to create a survey and to see what problems dog owners have. Based on the results we started to develop the idea and than going to development. Probably the hardest part, was to create an interesting UX and the calculation for gamification. We worked hard, for more than a year on HakiTo. Would love to see your feedback.
@danifeld I don't have a dog! (yet) But I'll get @ems_hodge to try it with her schnauzer Dele - will let you know 😄
@ems_hodge @abadesi Awesome thank you both! :)