A quantified health tracking device for asthmatics

The Hailie™ sensor is a device that that's clinically proven to help manage your asthma. It tells you when to take your medication and reminds you when you don't.

Studies have shown:

- 50% increase in preventer medication adherence in adults

- 80% reduction in hospital admissions in children

- 45% reduction in reliever medication use in children

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Trevor Tranmarketing

This sensor is great. Perfectly fit over the inhaler and setting it up was a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone with asthma or COPD and is taking Ventolin, Symbicort, ProAir, and Flovent.


Great way to track the medication use and set reminders.


Only available for 4 inhaler mediation right now. Hopefully there will be more available in the future.


I appreciate the customization aspect of Hailie, the sensor definitely adds value to my inhaler, fits like a glove!


Helps remind me to use my inhaler... I'm always forgetting!


Only available in US and New Zealand