Hail for Lyft

Get a Lyft from your Mac’s menu bar

With Hail, you can now get a ride from your Mac, without needing your phone at all! Hail stays in your menu bar, and can quickly be brought up with a keyboard shortcut, keeping ride estimates just a tap away.

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2 Reviews2.5/5
Thank you @wowthatisrandom for the hunt! I realized I spend so much time on my Mac that finding my phone is pretty much the worst part of having to order a Lyft. Since I normally work on the weather app Forecast Bar (a menu bar app for Mac), I had a lot of pieces I developed over the years that I could re-use here to make this a rock solid app. A couple advantages over the mobile website are a global (customizable!) keyboard shortcut to bring it up any time, the pickup ETA in my menu bar so I can keep working to the very last second, and full Touch Bar support which in combination with the keyboard shortcut lets you book a ride without ever needing to click on anything! I hope you like it, and I find the price of $2.99 very reasonable given the work that went into it and the fact I am an indie developer. Would love to know what you all think!
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