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Congrats on the app guys. Are there any examples you have of something really unexpected and special happening on the app? And also, are you planning anything else for the future?
@gregaubs Thank you so much Greg for your kind words and questions! Haha there are LOTS of examples of unexpected but very special happenings in HaikuJAM… However one recent story immediately springs to mind. A few months ago through the platform, we were connected to a young Syrian poet, currently seeking refuge in the Netherlands. He had been studying English Literature in Syria, but he was unable to graduate; graduation is only permitted to those who joined the regime’s army, but this young man refused to kill his own people. He believed that wars should be won through the take up of pens, not arms. His weapons are Art, Poetry and Eduction. I was so inspired that I flew out to his camp and spent 3 days with him. Through HaikuJAM, we’re regularly JAMMING together in a Circle devoted to light, peace and hope… Speaking for myself, this was a transforming experience. More generally, people often express issues that they may feel less comfortable discussing in more traditional public forums, for example, depression and relationships- the use of poetry as a core medium enables a very unique aspect of self-expression. The collaborative element ensures that communication is relatively free from the perceptions of ego, narcissism or self-indulgence, that are commonplace in many online communities. This is powerful and inspires deep human connection thus facilitating a very supportive and positive environment. Moving forward in 2016, we will continue exploring the idea of 'creative collaboration’ through a range of mixed media. In January, we will be launching a platform through which organisations can work with the HaikuJAM community for crowd-sourced inspiration, and we look forward to some exciting partnerships across the globe :)
This app is quite fun, I've used it to produce some interesting poems!
@par_ham We love your JAMS Parham! Here's one for you: He wrestles Pythons and sips their blood from a Flask ... a man of Backbone 'Thank You Parham!' by Dhru, Neer & Andy www.hjapp.co/QVt
@dhrupadkarwa @thisisneer @leungahs so what is the story here? Extra points if you reply poem-style. Could this be used for freesytle/rap scenario too? cc @eriktorenberg
Hey @bentossell, thanks for your questions! I posted just above regarding the creation story, but here's a JAM for you: At last, an app that Transcends Selfies and Hashtags And binds souls like glue 'HaikuJamazing' by freelamour, Beatrice & Dhru www.hjapp.co/f4j @eriktorenberg Definitely! There are actually a number of rap-themed Circles in the community- my co-founder @thisisneer loves rap so I'll let him further explain =)
@dhrupadkarwa haha awesome! Yeah I bet it would be a cool rap-tool :) Erik will love this.
Hey @bentossell and @eriktorenberg It can definitely be used for freestyle / rap scenarios. In fact, we've been doing a lot of that! There's one circle called 'Draiku' (http://www.haikujam.com/c/Draiku...) where we each take Drake lines and mash them together into poems. One of my favourite things to do is take lines from hip-hop songs and see where others in the world take it. I don't know if you guys know about Ramriddlz but he released this hilarious song called 'Sweeterman' that Drake remixed. Here's a JAM where we riffed off the lyrics in his song: http://www.haikujam.com/h/47625 The rap element is really interesting for me. When I was younger, I used to be heavy into rap, so much so that I started recording myself on webcam rapping over other people's beats (wearing a mask because I was embarassed...lol). Eventually, I got the attention of some music producers and they encouraged me to start recording on my own. I then ended up working with some really awesome artists all from my bedroom (and ended up on a DeLaSoul mixtape which was really cool). Ultimately, I didn't want to be a rapper and I had to start focusing more on school and exams, which meant I was writing and recording less. But I still had an urge to be creative. When @DhrupadKarwa told me about the idea for HaikuJAM, I thought sending out a line for others to riff on would be an awesome way to stay creative, without being too time intensive. And jamming in the app is like a hyper-compressed rap cypher where you contribute one line for others to take wherever they want. @ErikTorenberg - I'd love to setup a rap circle with you, if you're down?! Perhaps @rrhoover too?
@thisisneer thats an awesome story! DeLaSoul too no way!! where is the link?? @eriktorenberg should definitely get in a circle. pull in @lejlahunts for her rapping skills too haha :p
@bentossell I hate sharing this (my girlfriend only found out about this a year and a half into seeing eachother) but track 18! http://www.okayplayer.com/news/M...
The idea is awesome guys! Congrats!! :)
@simonelucidi87 Thank you so much buddy! Here's a JAM for you: We wish you the best In all of your endeavours Especially guitar 🎸 'Thank you Simone!' by Dhru, Neer & Andy www.hjapp.co/QMK
@simonelucidi87 Our pleasure! :)
I think in true Product Hunt fashion it would be great to kick this off with a cat themed poem! @thisisneer @leungahs @dhrupadkarwa
@thisdickie You're absolutely right. Let's do this: Once upon a time I was dead but still alive At all points in time 'Schrödinger's Cat' by David, J.A. & Vivek www.hjapp.co/vJf