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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2014
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Haiku makes it really easy to make simple, impactful slides. One of my favorite presentation design tools. Available for iPhone today.
Looks nice. I'm sick of wasting time making deck's look good in PowerPoint when the content is what matters most. Here are a few other slideshow creation products submitted to Product Hunt: - Deckset - http://www.decksetapp.com/, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/469 - Deck - http://deck.in/, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/691 - Slides - http://slid.es/, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/637
@rrhoover interested in trying to have them do an AMA?
I'm the maker! thanks for all of your comments!