UI-builder that unifies design & code

Think of Haiku as a design portal to your team's codebase. Use Haiku to:

* Design imaginative UI components

* Snap them into existing codebases (Web, iOS, Android)

* Then keep iterating on them from your design tools, hand-in-hand with developers

Haiku helps your team build your product, together.

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13 Reviews4.6/5
Super excited for this launch! It's been a long time in the making... and it's about time designer-developers had a powerful animation tool to replace Flash that also can update components and spit out native code, right to the browser. Of course, the thought behind this product goes way deeper than that, but that's my initial reaction. What a great time to be a designer! (And a developer!) @zackaboo — can you tell us a little more about your personal motivation and inspiration to tackle this opportunity?
Thanks @chrismessina ! Designer-developer collaboration is tough. Having been a designer, developer, and manager of designers & developers through my career, I've suffered this pain from many angles. The core of the problem is: design and dev tools speak different languages. Though designers' and developers' output is both 'pixels,' they're 'different pixels'. If they could only speak a common language, then we could design, code, and design again. Haiku is a design tool built on a common language — our design file format _is code_ (open source, too: https://github.com/HaikuTeam/core ), so as designers design, we can e.g. track changes with git, and let them "publish" (git push) with a click to share their designed components with developers. Developers can then install designed components with npm/yarn, or pull the latest with git. This foundation enables some crazy stuff, like live-reloading a codebase while making changes in Sketch. Though we've been building Haiku in a closed beta for 18 months, today's just the beginning! We have so much ahead on our roadmap, but we're excited to finally open the gates and invite folks to take Haiku for a spin.

It's brillant.

Please don't do a monthly billing :(


Great Interface

Easy to understand (thanks to the tour guide)

Work with Sketch and React

It's free (but it can change I think)


Only for mac, for the moment

Seems amazing! Can't wait to see it coming on Windows!
Congratulations on the first launch! Been using this in beta and I can assure it's the tool that we have been waiting for... finally!
@nate_davis Thanks for being one of our early adopters, hope the upcoming launch you mentioned went well!
Very cool--great work!