A habit tracker built without code

#5 Product of the DayJune 02, 2018

Hahabits is a powerful habit tracker that will help you set goals and create new positive habits. You can even share habits with your friends, family or colleagues and start new habits together or join one of the “challenges” created by the Hahabits community like drinking 2 liters of water each day.

Hahabits is built without code on Bubble.is :-)


  • Pros: 

    better than using google forms


    another app to install & to send you notifications

    nice work with the UI

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Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
Hey, I’m Dave and I build this habit tracker app because I needed to create more positive habits, exercise more, drink fewer beers, do daily meditation… The apps I found were not what I was looking for, so I build my own! Features - Unlimited habits - Unlimited group habits (complete habits with your friends) - Clear overview of your progress - Join challenges with the Hahabits community - Share your statistics in public - Schedule habits on days you pick - Add notes to your habits - Many more to come… Would love to know what you think of the app and if it's missing any features!
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
@galifianakis_ This looks very nice! Great use of @ninalimpi's illustrations too 💯 How did you build this without code? Also, would you be making this for iOS anytime soon?
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
Thank you so much @amrith 👏 (and @ninalimpi for the art 😝) The app is build on Bubble.is by dragging and dropping with workflows 😉 The iOS app is done, but the app store won't approve the app 😑 but you can add Hahabits.com to your home screen to use it as an app 🙂
MickPro@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@amrith @ninalimpi @galifianakis_ why won’t they approve the app. What reason have they given?
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
@mickc79 because they said it crashed... But never had any problems. Probably because it’s a webview and not a native app.
MickPro@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
@galifianakis_ That sucks.
Andreas Wik@andreaswik · BUILDING FOR THE WEB
Really great idea and nice simple interface. Looking forward to filling lots of purple circles! Step 1: No drinks mon-thu, let's do it!
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
Thanks @andreaswik 👏 Good luck, and cheers for tonight 🥂
Matt Blake@mattsmith4u · Youth Worker
Fantastic to see another bubble app! What method did you use to create an android app?
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
@mattsmith4u I used a webview template 😊 There is a lot of info on the Bubble forum about it 😉
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
Opened up all user stats for @hahabits (no data, just numbers) You can see them in the menu. https://twitter.com/Galifianakis...
Chris Sheffield@iamshief · | OFFICIAL PRODUCT HUNT CONTRIBUTOR |
What Did You write this app in?
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
Hey @iamshief 👋 The app is build with Bubble.is :)
Chris Sheffield@iamshief · | OFFICIAL PRODUCT HUNT CONTRIBUTOR |
@galifianakis_ that's awesome I was looking into that platform last week
Dave ⇆Maker@galifianakis_ · Building ⇆ NomadSwap.co
@iamshief nice, did you already build something?
Chris Sheffield@iamshief · | OFFICIAL PRODUCT HUNT CONTRIBUTOR |
@galifianakis_ I came across it by playing around with an app called ALGO by airdev. They specialise in creating apps on bubble.is