Get yearbook signatures on Snapchat 🤩

HAGS (Have a Great Summer) is the easiest way for high school students to sign their friends yearbooks through Snapchat and join their high school class. Available for every high school in the US.
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Hey Product Hunt! Suraya from the HAGS team here. HAGS is the first and easiest way for high school students to sign their friends yearbooks through Snapchat! 🤩 Available for every high school in the US. 🤩 Sign yearbooks through Snapchat or directly in HAGS. 🤩 Join your high school to connect with your class. My brother @jameelshivji (a high school senior) and I came up with this idea a few months ago while quarantined at home. We were talking about all the things he and his friends were missing out on this year. When it came to yearbooks, we thought it’d be fun to create a digital one using Snapchat! Since then, we have spent quarantine watching Zoey 101 and working on HAGS. It’s so crazy to think that it’s real now. @_jamesdale and I have been able to work with our team of high schoolers to experiment with new technologies, features, and product ideas. Our team has spent a lot of time on the design and feel of the brand. It was important to us to create a yearbook that felt more like a nostalgic book than an app. @jameelshivji recruited his friend Phoebe and together they recruited over 200 ‘HAGS Angels’ around the country to make IG stories and Tik Tok videos over the last few months. This product was honestly so much fun for us to design, make, and share with the world. Jameel, James, and I had no idea that what started as a sibling quarantine project would turn into something that thousands of high schoolers would use across the country. Check it out on the app store at https://apps.apple.com/app/id151... and share it with any high school students you know! Let us know what you think. We're excited for the future of HAGS and we’d love your feedback 🧡
@jameelshivji @_jamesdale @surayashivji how do i leave my school on the app
@jameelshivji @_jamesdale @savannah1 Hi Savannah! Please contact support@hags.app with your Display Name and this request. We can remove you from your school and put you in the correct one. Thank you!
Yearbooks were so fun back in the day. Are they still a big thing in most schools? – "back in my day" Ryan
@rrhoover Woah this site is cool, thanks for making it 😅 Yearbooks are for sure still a big thing in my high school and my friends' schools in LA. It's a keepsake from the year but also the funnest way to get messages from all your friends at once. This year my school is mailing us our books because of COVID-19 but with no signatures. Signatures are definitely still a big thing and what everyone wants most 👀 Especially us seniors 😭 At school, we never get to sign yearbooks long enough at school because it's usually only during the last week of classes. Also, most schools in the area are connected so everyone has friends at different schools. With HAGS, I'm happy that we made sure you could get a lot of signatures from all your friends (school and non-school through Snapchat) but still be able to be in your high school class 😃
Congrats on the launch @surayashivji!
@jessechand Thanks so much for all your help! 😊
So cool to see the HAGS team recreate the yearbook experience in a really authentic and fun way
@gregisenberg Thanks for all your advisement Greg, it's so helpful :) We're really excited about making the funnest experience possible for all high school students.
It amazes me how intimate extensions of Snapchat can be compared to others. This app represents in its own way the future of social. Awesome!
@aidan Thank you so much I'm such a fan of your work 😊 We spent a lot of time thinking through the brand and design elements to make people feel like they are in the "HAGS world." Appreciate your comments!