We help travellers avoid taxi scams

Say goodbye to taxi scams.
Hagglestar is the very first app that helps travelers avoid taxi scams. The app shows you the average price for a taxi ride in foreign countries, to help you haggle a fair price.
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Hi Hunters 👋 Big day for @lea_kilde and I, here in Copenhagen, Denmark. We avoided selling Greenland to Trump and now we would like to help travelers avoid taxi scams in foreign countries 🚕 🌏 We created hagglestar to help travelers avoid taxi scams and to make the travel industry a bit more transparent. The idea was formed after a trip to Asia, where we spend a lot of time negotiating with taxi drivers and not really knowing what a fair price was. The app is meant as a supplement to Uber, Grab and Go-jerk to haggle prices with the local taxi drivers, in countries where the prices differs a lot. It is not possible to book a ride at the moment, but this is something that we want to change in the future. This is the first version of hagglestar and we are currently tracking prices in: - Asia - South of Europe - Scandinavian - United states We are aiming to cover all of the development countries within a few months, to bring transparency to the taxi industry around the world. Any feedback, advice or comments are much appreciated 🙏 Best, Lea & Michael
When I was backpacking in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia I would have loved this!
@rungekuttarob Hi Rob. Exactly… We have also paid a bit too much when travelling in Asia.🙄 And we´re hoping that our product will add value for travelers in these countries in the future.
Help us decide which regions we should haggle prices in next 🤔
South America
Central America
Middle East
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Does this cover Greece?
@real_tasty_lashes Hi.. Not yet, unfortunately. But this is one of the regions we will be adding shortly :)
gaurav shankarSoftware Developer at Freshworks
Interesting. But, how do you calculate the prices ? I am an Indian and pretty much can tell that the prices shown for here are not even near to what's actually charged.
@gaurav_shankar Hi. Thank you for reaching out. Do you feel that the hagglestar prices are to the high og to the low side? At the moment we are collecting data from online tourist sources (as in, these are the prices there has actually been paid) combined with official data from taxi companies. In a country as big as India, we are using an average of the nearby cities if we are missing data sources. Right now, we are going for the an "higher" average, so we are not disappointing tourist or local taxi drivers - meaning its better if the real life prices are a few % lower, then the hagglestar prices.