To continue texting, both people have to reply every time

Hai guys, glad you like hadu. And thanks @natedesmond for the submit.
Love the idea of Reciprocative Messaging - You can search people and start a conversation but you always require a reply for each message sent to continue the conversation. Might suffer from chicken and egg problem. People are not just friends ,random people who have signed up for Hadu. So, you need to search for a random name to start chatting. Would love if the app connects two strangers instead. @vijithpad correct me if im wrong ?
@kwdinc its similar to how you search people in twitter and you tweet them. We want to make everyone personally communicate with each other and this can be only achieved by a limiting factor of reciprocity. We hope people provide their proper names as it helps others to reach you. And your hadu username is a unique contact that you can give everyone to find you and have a personal conversation with you.
@rrhoover , what do you think.