The first coding community based on in person study groups

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Please support Los Angeles and can it be a google hangout as a location?
@jleebiz LA is one of the top cities demanded! For now we're doing in person, but G Hangouts is a possibility for later on.
It looks like this is in beta for San Francisco right now. Everyone else will need to "demand Hackvard" in their city.
@nikkielizdemere That's correct!
Hi Product Hunt, we're curious to hear feedback that you may have on our product and general approach. Thanks! cc/ @rrhoover
@edwardlando neat! 1) why did you call it hackvard? the implication is that it combines ivy league and hack culture - what's the philosophy there? 2) where do you see this going / what are your expansion plans / big vision behind it?
@eriktorenberg, good questions. 1. Hackvard feels like an appropriate tongue-in-cheek name to introduce people to our idea, which is that most of the content you need to learn coding (and anything else) is already online. A fair question to ask then is why pay $200k+ to go to college? We argue that it's mostly because you get to meet great people (students, professors) to learn with. We think that the future of education is online, and that this cannot happen without an in-person component. 2. We want to become the school of the future by combining online & offline learning. Anything can be taught in this way, and coding is the best way to start.