Secret menu items available at fast-food restaurants.

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The In-n-Out secret menu, such a legend. For all that I love this, it does make me a bit sad. Figuring out the secret menu was part of the fun! Kids these days, have it so easy ;)
Few people know about Philz's secrets: - Look behind the counter and you'll see buckets of beans with lables that don't appear on the main menu. - As of a few months ago, Philz started selling 20oz cups of coffee. Because: more coffee. - They only charge $3 if you reuse the same cup OR bring your own mug.
@rrhoover they are crushing it. Also, #becausemorecoffee just became a new hashtag in my rotation hahaha
@thejulielogan @rrhoover #becausemorecoffee is also a new fav of mine!
@jehnglynn @rrhoover will look for y'all on insta ;)
@rrhoover Philz in PA is still $3 for a small, can't wait to try a secret bean :) They also do any combinations of beans you want. My favorite is Silken Splendor + Philtered Soul = Silken Soul 😄
To be fair...most of the employees will hate you for trying out those "hacks" if it involves any work on their side. You'll probably get the oldest burger, the coldest coffee, etc. in return.
@boettges plot twist I only drink iced coffee
hahaha oh man, pie mcflurry
Didn't know that the cheesy gordita crunch was a secret item. I feel special :)