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#4 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2017
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Ahmed@geek_1001 · iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
Privacy and Security are so crucial domains nowadays. Always nice to see such solutions which can be used by everyone.
Sam Nixon
Sam NixonMaker@sam_nixon · Product Owner
@geek_1001 thanks for checking us out Ahmed. That's exactly what we're going for: privacy and security that's accessible to all 👍🏼
Sam Nixon
Sam NixonMaker@sam_nixon · Product Owner
Hi ProductHunters 🙌 Hacksy is friendly chatbot which answers the most common questions in cyber security: have I been hacked? How secure is my password? How do I repair my accounts if they've been breached? Here’s how it works: ✅ Enter in your email and find out if you've been hacked ✅ Check your password to see how strong it is ✅ Check if your friends have had their information leaked ✅ Find out what on two factor is and why password managers are pretty sick ◽️ Pay us some £££ and get access to more tools, alerts, exercises That's it! Here are some details about who we are and how we built Hacksy: https://meethacksy.com/about We’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Thank you!
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
this looks awesome! what's not so awesome? : it looked like my email got hacked by leaks of like 20 sites! (no harm that i've seen so far luckily)
Sam Nixon
Sam NixonMaker@sam_nixon · Product Owner
@_jacksmith yeah that sucks! Make sure you change passwords and put two factor on 👌🏼
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · FlawlessApp.io Founder
Does your bot work when I log in from incognito web mode?
Sam Nixon
Sam NixonMaker@sam_nixon · Product Owner
@lisadziuba hi 👋 yep! And thanks for trying us out. Let me know how you're finding it? ☺
Criss Cheng
Criss Cheng@criss_cheng · UX researcher / designer crisscheng.com
This is fun! Though I have questions about how trustworthy this service can be, I find this service interesting! And good to know that my account hasn't been leaked...yet :p
Sam Nixon
Sam NixonMaker@sam_nixon · Product Owner
@criss_cheng thanks for checking us out Criss! We're definitelytrustworthy (although that's what everyone would say right 🤔). For more info on who we are and how Hacksy works you can check out our website. The about and how sections give a lot more detail. And we publish our security policy as well 👍🏼