A highly configurable laptop bag

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I've tried so many different laptop bags but I could never find one that I really loved, particularly something that fit my mac nice and snug. I know the maker of this bag through a friend and was fortunate enough to get one of the first production units and I love it. Perfect highly configurable bag.
I've been looking for a versatile bag. I think I'm going to pledge for this one.
@melissamonteee Thank you for your backing Melissa! We can't wait to get it to you :)
Never easy to find a bag with the right balance of form + function. Excited to get my hands on one of these! Pledged :)
I like the name :)
@rueter Thank you Steven! :D :D
Awesome idea. I have one also: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please feel free to check it.