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HackMatch was started by a good friend of mine (@davefontenot) who was the founder of one of the first "mega-hackathons" when he was at UMich. Dave is more bullish on hackathons as an alternative to CS degrees (for industry) than anyone and I know and it's hard to go to a hackathon in the country and not know who he is. There was a great TC piece recently on Dave and how hackathons are transforming education for students as well as recruiting pipelines for tech co's: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/15... Highly recommend reaching out to Dave if you're a hacker interested in gaining employment or just a student looking to get more involved with the collegiate hackathon scene (check out mlh.io).
@davefontenot are you working with the startup featured on HackMatch directly or do you reach out to them with qualified/relevant leads that give a "hell yeah"?
HackMatch is basically the product front-end for Dave's personal network of collegiate hackers — which, without being hyperbolic, is probably one of the deepest of anyone you'll meet. In other words, if you're a startup that wants to get in front of this crowd, you need to talk to @davefontenot :)
@rrhoover This is an idea for you. I'd like to browse producthunts with hackmatch UI.
@ozguralaz YES x1000. There are several fun product opportunities with the Product Hunt community + data.