Hacking Human Nature for Good

How to apply behavioral economics when building products

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Hey everyone! Niklas here, founder of Daily Bits Of. Super excited to launch this one with Dan Ariely and Irrational Labs. The course is filled with tips and tools to use, have applied several of them :)
Hi there - Kristen here. Dan Ariely, @behaviorly and @jhreha wrote these bits in hopes we can take the key insights and studies from behavioral sciences and provide simplified lessons targeted directly for product people. As always we hope you use these insights for good. :)
Daily Bits Of is an awesome service that I've been using over the last couple of months. Just looking at the introduction to this course I think it's going to be an absolute blast :)
@ludvigberling Thank you Ludwig! Really looking forward to see people start applying the course in their design. And to see if startup people start name dropping behavioral economics :)
Love it, can't wait for my first bit!
I've never been more excited for a newsletter!