Hacking Growth [Kindle Edition]

Untraditional marketing using the hacker mindset.

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Alex Kehr
Alex KehrMakerPro@alexkehr · Founder and CEO @ Pop
Hey Product Hunters! I'm doing something special with my book for Cyber Monday! I've made the Kindle version free for 24 hours. Each time somebody downloads my book for free I will donate $1 to Donda's House. My goal is to raise and donate over $10,000 this Cyber Monday (today!). But wait, there's more! If you purchase the print version of my book today on Cyber Monday I will donate $5 to Donda's House. Let's think about Cyber Monday as a day of giving, not just saving :)
Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
@alexkehr How was the writing and research process when you were putting together this book?
Malcolm Bell
Malcolm Bell@malcolmbell · Serial Founder & EIR Seedcamp & HBS
@alexkehr Great spirit :)
Alex Kehr
Alex KehrMakerPro@alexkehr · Founder and CEO @ Pop
@dredurr Hey Deandre! The research that went into this was a lot of testing from my own professional experience and also just a ton of reading (like a crazy amount!). Other authors definitely influenced my ideas and helped shape the way I discuss growth marketing in my book, but I've done my best to shape those countless ideas into my own thoughts on growth and community building. An example of this is that I know that the way Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar) talks about failure in his book, Creativity, Inc., for sure had a large impact on the way that I think about (and wrote about) failure in marketing being so important.
TERESA TEEL@teresa_teel
@alexkehr @dredurr I went to a website to find a programmer instead . I was simply tired of using credit companies that tell me the same shit over and over . Just like we discussed , I didnt find any off the dark web but I was able to find Hirehackersandprogrammers.com off HL forum . I think there is no harm in trying elsewhere and that was exactly what I did. thereafter , I was able to find a programmer with which I used her services for gaining access into my wife's phone when I suspected she was cheating . Jamesharden @ programmer . net . I have been using him since them for my hacking deeds .