Hacking Growth

The modern marketing mindset to create fast growing

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Apparently the short description was too long 😞. It should read "The modern marketing mindset to create fast growing companies." #Awkward
Hey @alexkehr can you tell us a bit about this book :)
@bentossell Hi Ben-- definitely! Hacking Growth is a journey through the mind of the type of marketers who have made companies such as Tinder, Facebook, Buffer, and Dropbox successful by spending very little money. It's about ditching the idea that things like press releases and billboards are the best way for you to spend your money (and time) when trying to create a company. Instead, business creators should be focusing their marketing efforts on building a killer community that is ultra passionate about their product or service. By adopting this new marketing mentality, entrepreneurs will achieve impressive business results and have the most fun you've ever had building a business.
@bentossell I'm also really keen on the idea of using the hacker mentality to find opportunities to grow your business. I don't mean hacking in a malicious way, but rather coming up with untraditional marketing tactics that exploit holes in systems as they currently exist for intellectual, creative, and business gain. This is something that is talked about in the book (particularly towards the end).
@alexkehr this is awesome, I've been looking for a book just like this for a while! Looking forward to giving it a read.
@nottil Awesome! I keep seeing BluCar people in Union Station :)
@alexkehr ha! They are all over the place now :)