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Releasing HackerRank Jobs is the best moment of my professional life! I'm really proud of the team for making such a great experience. I'm even more excited about helping people find jobs based on their actual skills rather than pedigree or connections.
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@arpitmah great job man. You put in a lot of work on this and it shows. The app is beautiful, so excited to share this with customers.
Very nice. Elegant interface and nice inclusion of challenges.
@gayle Thanks! We rejected so many alternate designs because one thing the team unanimously agreed on was that a very simple and smooth candidate experience is critical to the success of the app.
@dparkmit I would love to hear directly from you about regarding your latest release? What are you most excited about?
@corleyh Most exciting things are: 1) developers can find jobs based on actual skill rather than pedigree and 2) no more resume black hole. Once a developer takes a code challenge, they'll hear back from the company within 5 days. So now, you just have to be a great dev to find a great job.
@dparkmit @corleyh I think the best part about the app is that it's literally the PERFECT process for an engineer. We basically made this app by saying, how EXACTLY would an engineer want to get a job? Then we built it. And by we I mean all the wonderful makers at our company.
Excited to see how much time this saves recruiters. Congrats!
@nireyal Thanks! Yep. We're saving tons of time for recruiters and helping engineers find better opportunities. VMWare, one of our customers, used HackerRank to find a really good developer who was a dishwasher in Spain when he first applied.
@dparkmit @nireyal 18,000+ hours saved in a year for one company