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Hello fine Hunters, Marc here, I'm here to answer any questions so AMA. I created Hackerpreneur to celebrate the creative entrepreneurs who are building new things and changing the world on their own terms (inspired by that Steve Jobs quote). And to explore the shifting landscape of work, creativity, design and entrepreneurship. The technology we have available to all us right now changes everything. It's all up for grabs. The magazine focuses on inspiring case studies and actionable strategies from amazing contributors like Kevin Kelly, Derek Sivers, Andrew Chen, and Ryan Hoover. Cheers, Marc
@esbn - As @marceglon mentioned it comes with a preview which I started to read. Like the interface so far
So its 29$/month ?
@haseeb $4.99 a month - I wish there was some sort of preview issue to see if I would like it
@haseeb $29.99 a year (And there's currently a promo that'll automatically give you issues 1-12 bundled in).
@esbvn Thanks for chiming in and helping out. Issue 5 is available for free when you install the app, so you can check it out before subscribing.
@marceglon cool, I'll check it out