Build computer games for your dog or cat

hackerpet is a set of open-source tools for converting CleverPet Hubs so they can be controlled from anywhere using simple code. It includes training algorithms, simple data logging to an online spreadsheet, and an API for full hardware control.
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👋Hello Product Hunters! Leo here, CleverPet founder and CEO. Very excited to be able to share hackerpet with you all! When we started CleverPet, a goal of ours was to make the out of box experience with CleverPet be as painless as possible. Our assumption was that each customer should be able to quickly get their Hub to the point where they could "set-it-and-forget-it". Boy were we wrong! When we talked to our most enthusiastic users, we discovered that what they liked most was the process of working with their dog (or cat!) to teach them how to use the Hub. What we had feared would be a painful and negative experience was in fact what many of our customers loved the most! Indeed, after you've got the hardware, the tricky part of building computer games for dogs and cats isn't the coding – it's tailoring the game to the idiosyncrasies of your player. So with hackerpet we're giving users complete control of their Hub, along with tools for enabling easy capture of the data the Hub produces. If you don't have a Hub but want to get involved, let me know here in the comments or sign up using the form at hackerpet.com: there are a limited number of Hubs available for hackers and makers enthusiastic about the idea of creating games for their dog or cat. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and happy to answer any questions you've got!
Fun way to expand my developer skills on areas not even close to my daytime job. I am interacting with my dog in ways that I never thought possible
Love this product. My dogs use it all the time and are learning too!
@zachary_kaplan It's all fun and games until some poor astronaut comes home only to find he has landed on the planet of the dogs.
I've used the original hub for years now. My dog can't get enough! 🐶🐾🌭