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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2019

Hackero.co combines all the greatest Hacker News sources on the internet in one single stream.

It does this without any rating or magic-unicorn algorithm, you get the your news as unbiased as possible.

Give Hackero a try and you will see, how it keeps you up to date with the tech world in a lot less time, than you needed before!

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Do you plan to create native app ?
@carlos_branco Maybe if the traction is big enough. Currently 2/3 are desktop users. My next step will be to make it work better as web app (caching the news list for example) so you can use it in that way. A native app is a lot of work, that I am at the moment not willing to invest in this free to use project :)
@eu_frey I understand good luck with your project. Yes you can create a progressive web app.
Hey lovely hunters out there! Please let me know what you think about Hackero and if something is missing for making it the best possible experience for you <3
Very slick design. I'm going to set this as my homepage! P.S. A feature to remove read stories by swiping right would be awesome!
@bhatnagar_san Thanks for that compliment :D I would remove them automatically, for read ones (so if you click on one, it would be removed). Would be even better, wouldn't it?
@eu_frey yes that sounds even better! Swiping can be helpful if there is some news story that I just don't to read (too off topic for me). Can we have both :)
@bhatnagar_san Okay it is kinda implemented :D Currently the visited entries are faded out. I will wait for more feedback if we should remove them completly. Do you like it? As I have only native javascript without a library in there, it is hard to do the swipe thing, so it will maybe become a button or so.
@eu_frey they're not fading out on my mobile (chrome android). I think jQuery can be good for making the swipe though a button is just as good. The site is very slick and now I understand the reason, you're not using heavy frameworks!
Are there any news sources you are missing?
Hackero.co now also has the option to switch between the top posts and the most recent ones! Still without a biased algorithm! All your hacker news sources are equal!