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I don't think I'll ever give access to random people to my analytics account, and pay for it, when the added value here is some fancy CSS. Seriously, you'll need to show me some more screenshots before I sign in and handle you such valuable information you can easily sell to my competitors.
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@grmmph Hi Yonatan. Thank you for your message. We don't store any of your data at anytime. It is requested from google each and every time you log in / a daily email is sent and doesn't even survive if you refresh the page. At this stage we have no need to store your data, and we don't. You of course can revoke permissions to HackerMetrics at anytime from your google account. Thanks!
@dylankbuckley - Can you link me where it is restricted by google API TOU that you're not allowed to store that information? - Can you promise that you'll *never* store the data users provide you? - Can you put that on your front page under an tag?
@grmmph - Google don't restrict what you can and can't do with that data. Of course HackerMetrics could store it if we wanted to. I have made the decision not to as I am very much like yourself and don't like the idea of some web service holding all my sensitive data. It's your data not mine. - It is written on the homepage, but I will make this clearer and push an update on this later today. - If I was to ever need to store user data, this would be on a purely "Opt in for this feature" basis. I would never do it without express permission from each and every user. No plans to do so as of now.
@dylankbuckley Ok. You've convinced me to give it a try. After trying it, my feedback would be that I don't think you are generating any value worth 12$/m, or any value at all. The view is very limited and - not interactive at all compared to GA, the amount of conclusions I can make from this is very limited. What about retention rate? lifetime value? events? acquisition? goals? all the things that actually matters. "beautiful" is rather subjective but as I see it, this is just another fancy bootstrap (or whatever) theme. Sorry for the harshness. :)
@grmmph thanks! We have had over 500 beta testers who have loved using these reports as well as receiving the daily / weekly updates. Yeah there is a lot more we can do, and we will continue building it out over the coming weeks and months. Ultimately we have to start somewhere and this is our starting point. Hundreds of people love it and are on for the ride. Hopefully you might be one of them in the future 😄
😻 Hola ProductHunt! 😻 It's great to be back with our second product of 2017! HackerMetrics takes all your Google Analytics data that you have been struggling to understand and turns them into beautiful reports that with just a glance you can see exactly what is going on with your metrics. As well as transforming your data, HackerMetrics provides information showing trends in your data, and also generates daily, weekly and monthly email reports so that you are always up to date. Today only, try absolutely free for 7 days, and get 25% off by entering the code 😸 "hellokitty"😸 when you subscribe. I will be here with Dylan all day answering any questions you may have. 💙
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hahah right on time as I'm struggling with Google Analytics lately! :D
@kornelia Hahaha, always happy to help! 😃 ❤️
@kornelia @angeliquetoque haha same here! looks brilliant! 😻
Hi there, Congratulations with your second product of 2017! :) I enjoy it very much. Think, it's the great solution for the better understanding of Google Analytics data.
@josh_khoury Thanks Josh! Hope you enjoy the product. Feel free to reach out with any suggestions!
It's good to see somebody trying to make GA data look better but did all the upvoters actually check out the product? I work with Google Analytics everyday and I really can't see any reason to use this beta version so far. *UI*: The UI is not even usable. It's badly designed and there is really nothing ... beautiful out there. I'd say the current GA interface is way better than this. *Data*: It literally provides zero benefits in terms of data visualization.