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I think this idea is a classic good one and seems like a practical idea that should of been thought of years ago.
@tayler2412 There are already existing wiki-based lists of such places. For eg https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Li... lists Hackerspaces across the world.
@tayler2412 they also mention on their site in the 'About' section that it is not a new idea :)
@tayler2412 the initial prototype on Github was started 3 years ago ;) https://github.com/jancborchardt...
No surprise I'm a fan of this project, given I'm one of the co-founders of @gethorizonapp, a hospitality exchange platform for groups (unlock code for Product Hunt: #ph2015). Hope to see HackerCouch get some traction.
@drewmeyers are you congratulating HC or shilling your own stuff?
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@thejeremycarson I'm a huge fan of anyone working on hospitality exchanges. The mixture of travel and community is an extremely powerful thing, as Couchsurfing has proved over the past 10+ years. I think Hacker Couch is a great project, and hope to see it succeed.
Love the notion of people submitting couches need to make PRs through GitHub. Good filter on actual hackers housing jackets
This is awesome. Great way to meet some similar people while traveling.
Great idea. I don't know any bad people who can file pull requests. =P
@yu_angela Its actually been a pretty good filter so far. I seeded the community with friends I know, announcing it at hackbeach.in, and even now its going pretty well. We don't even use nofollow for eg, and don't expect to have a spam problem anytime soon, since all added content is vetted by someone before the merge.