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#3 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2015
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Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer, StudioMinted.com
I think this idea is a classic good one and seems like a practical idea that should of been thought of years ago.
NemoMaker@captn3m0 · Master Namer
@tayler2412 There are already existing wiki-based lists of such places. For eg https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Li... lists Hackerspaces across the world.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
@tayler2412 they also mention on their site in the 'About' section that it is not a new idea :)
Jan-C. Borchardt
Jan-C. BorchardtMaker@jancborchardt · Open Source Designer, Nextcloud
@tayler2412 the initial prototype on Github was started 3 years ago ;) https://github.com/jancborchardt...
Drew Meyers
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Founder, Horizon & Geek Estate
No surprise I'm a fan of this project, given I'm one of the co-founders of @gethorizonapp, a hospitality exchange platform for groups (unlock code for Product Hunt: #ph2015). Hope to see HackerCouch get some traction.
jeremy carson
jeremy carson@thejeremycarson · Data-Driven Creative
@drewmeyers are you congratulating HC or shilling your own stuff?
Drew Meyers
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Founder, Horizon & Geek Estate
@thejeremycarson I'm a huge fan of anyone working on hospitality exchanges. The mixture of travel and community is an extremely powerful thing, as Couchsurfing has proved over the past 10+ years. I think Hacker Couch is a great project, and hope to see it succeed.
Johnny Wu
Johnny Wu@jonathanpeterwu · Engineer, Localize.js
Love the notion of people submitting couches need to make PRs through GitHub. Good filter on actual hackers housing jackets
Jack@jackfitzgerald · Cheif Growth Officer, Growth Grind
This is awesome. Great way to meet some similar people while traveling.
Angela Yu
Angela Yu@yu_angela · Founder - London App Brewery
Great idea. I don't know any bad people who can file pull requests. =P
NemoMaker@captn3m0 · Master Namer
@yu_angela Its actually been a pretty good filter so far. I seeded the community with friends I know, announcing it at hackbeach.in, and even now its going pretty well. We don't even use nofollow for eg, and don't expect to have a spam problem anytime soon, since all added content is vetted by someone before the merge.