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I wish I could double upvote this. I'm a big fan of products that inspire creation and provide hackers/makers/founders feedback and exposure for what they've made. HackerBracket well-executed, although I'd like to see more context on the front page where it lists hacks. Even just a tagline to the product would help a lot, imho. ;)
@rrhoover Well... Ryan. You do have access to the DB. So theoretically you could 2X upvote this.
@rrhoover love it. we've been talking with @henriboldi and @alexvallorosi for a while - they've been very helpful connect us to the hackathon world (stay tuned :) i'm also a fan of anything that encourages people to create - henri and alex are all about that ethos.
@rrhoover Thanks for the feedback & support Ryan! Working on displaying the description on hover, but a tagline would probably be better for quick context... like on ProductHunt :)
@eriktorenberg :D Yo will you be at Yo Hackathon NYC tomorrow? It will be the first hackathon HackerBracket is powering submissions for.
@henryboldi awesome! alas, I won't be there, but i can't wait to see the hacks - Yo me how it goes :)
My friends @henryboldi @IsaiahJTurner and @alexvallorosi have been working hard on this for quite a while and I was privileged enough to be able to work with them on parts of their web product. They also released their iOS app today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
Great job, @henryboldi, @IsaiahJTurner, @alexvallorosi, & @krrishd! Is this just a side project? Where are you planning to take HackerBracket?
@rrhoover We're planning to take HackerBracket the moon of course (MoonHacks)! It's a full time gig. So far we're going to be powering 6 major hackathons this fall such as Yo Hackathon NYC, MHacks, HackGT, Cal Hacks, CodeDay and HackRPI. If I could go to HackerBracket everyday to see the coolest hacks made around the world that would be <3
@henryboldi can't wait for MoonHacks. :D What are you favorite 3 hacks on the site right now?
@rrhoover MoonHacks is gonna be epic! Here are my 3 favorite hacks on the site right now: 1. Tracky, leap motion with your webcam. https://www.hackerbracket.com/ha... 2. Scribe, generate html from a paper sketch. https://www.hackerbracket.com/ha... 3. YT Find, search inside of a youtube video. https://www.hackerbracket.com/ha...
This is awesome. A lot of the hacks on here are totally huntable, too :)
@nbashaw Thanks! A lot of hacks on here are definitely huntable. When is there going to be a 'hunt' button we can embed on HackerBracket hacks @rrhoover?
@henryboldi would love love love that. There are some cool things we can do with an embeddable hunt button to help makers get more exposure and re-engage interested users. I'll keep you in the loop! Related, if you haven't already, signup for early access to the Product Hunt API. We're very close!
Great concept! Github integration?
@tarikh It's in the works already :)
@krrishd I've seen a few platforms like this - @hackerleague comes to mind - but what I like about HackerBracket is the hacks themselves (as opposed to hackathons or haxors) are front and center. With Github integration, I could see this being a great resource and a thriving community. Good luck!
@tarikh thanks! I think @henryboldi and @alexvallorosi can attest to the goal of focusing on cool projects and their creators before anything else, and GitHub is definitely going to be a great addition.
@krrishd Yep Krish, totally! Totally free for hackers and hackathons. We are hackers, and we put hackers first :)
@tarikh @ChallengePost has GitHub integration (pulls repo name, languages, Readme, etc)