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@ilikevests teased this in one of the YC office hours. For years people have been scraping the site, building chrome extensions, mobile apps, etc.* It's awesome to see YC/HN encourage this. Being a HUGE community of hackers, I'm curious to see what is made. *We saw similar things happening early on in the Product Hunt community. We launched an API a few months ago and I wrote more about it here.
@rrhoover awesome. @tkalimov and i are eager to check this out. pretty soon, would love to see the PH of tools built on top of HN!
@josephkerns I can't wait to see some PH + HN mashups. Our hackathon is happening in just a few weeks (RSVP here)!
@rrhoover excellent - signed up! may be able to talk to folks about hosting in NYC if I can get the details - joe (at) roundview (dot) co
Thanks everyone for the support! If you have any questions, I'll be around.
@ilikevests Awesome job with the API. Let me know if I can help with documentation! @readmeio would be an awesome fit. greg@readme.io http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@gkoberger Very cool! I checked you guys out awhile ago when you were on HN and the product looks super sharp. We'll probably do our own documentation just because I believe in owning that, but I have some ideas that might be easier to use @readmeio on in the future.
@ilikevests totally understand :) let me know if you ever do use it; I'll upgrade your account. Congrats again; looking forward to making something with the API!
@ilikevests Can you write to HN on it, or is it read only?
Any ideas or uses that you'd like to suggest to the community? What have the scrapers generally been building in the past?
@josephkerns Hmmm...we're constantly tweaking things on the backend to improve story and comment quality. If someone built something that gave us better insights than we do, that would always grab our attention. Most people tend to build their own readers.
@ilikevests great initiative, you should enable issues in the Github repo tho, lots of feedbacks incoming.
Definitely something @tiboel will want to take advantage of with Mention.com ;)
@ilikevests HN has been around for several years. Why build an API now?
@rrhoover What we really wanted to do was release new markup and have HN be mobile optimized. We actually finished a first version months ago, however, we realized a lot of people used scraping to build their apps on top of HN data. We thought it would be not cool to just change it overnight on them and so we released an API to allow them to switch to something better.
@ilikevests that's commendable and shows that you really care about the community. Many others probably wouldn't go through the effort of offering support for "non-official" apps.
@rrhoover other answer "because product hunt is killing it right now and they have an API so we need to innovate a bit."
@mulligan haha, when Hacker News split out "Show HN" into their own section, people started making comparisons to Product Hunt and making claims that YC was competing with one of its portfolio companies (ie, Product Hunt). I certainly don't see it this way and I'm not spinning marketing speak. As I told @carmeldea when she interviewed me on the topic, HN and PH have significantly different types of communities and the products that emerge emphasize this. As we expand, we're start to diverge even more.