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Hey, PH folks! I'm the dev behind Hackerhunt. As much as I love Hacker News and it's ranking algorithm for the front page news, it has a downside for the Show HN submissions. A lot of cool and useful stuff people have actually made themselves gets lost without a real chance to get noticed. That's where the idea of a curated and categorised, à-la-Product-hunt, list was born. Suggestions are welcome! 🤛
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@degif I love the simplicity of the list layout! Reminds me of the early layout of Product Hunt before GIFs/thumbnails took over on the homepage. I really, really wish there was an option to hide them.
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@degif @tomfme I use the chrome extension "Stylus" for simple things like this. You can quickly inject a rule to hide gifs on the PH homepage 😄
@degif looks like there is still some lorem ipsum when you click on a category.
🚀 Congrats on the launch! The naming is cool. Anyway, how is it better that Product Hunt? 1. Do you have a spam filter? 😕 If everybody can easily submit their product to Hacker Hunt and "cheat on votes", it can become the mass of spam... Btw, I haven't seen "submit" product button. 2. Can you avoid duplications? I mean, I or other founders can submit on PH, HN and to your HH 😄! So there is no reason for a user to see the same product everywhere... As a user, I will prefer to check only one place. Too much distractions already 3. 😈 What will you do if HN will improve their Show HN section? 4. How are you planning to grow the community over your HH? As a user of Product Hunt, I value most the community of people here... I honestly wish you good luck and don't think that I want to troll you with my feedback. ^ Lisa
@lisadziuba Hey, Lisa. I guess you got the idea all wrong :) Hacker Hunt is Hacker News Show HN posts tagged and categorised. You can't submit anything to Hacker Hunt directly. Think of it as a filter for Hacker News focused on products. If Hacker news improved Show HN themselves we would be proud and happy when a awesome resource becomes even more awesome 🤘 Hacker Hunt is more of a fun side-project - our team learned a ton of new stuff making it.
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@degif ah, I understood your idea totally wrong! Now I got it.
Nice! How's it curated though? And where do upvotes come from?
@ekaterinaklink All the data come from Hacker News Show HN submissions - https://news.ycombinator.com/sho...
I usually refrain from profanities on places like PH – but this is fucking sick. Thank you @degif Much appreciated
hn is very noisy - my show:hn submissions usually take 2~3 tries before it gets picked up on hn, and sometimes not at all. This will be great for new showhns!