Hacker Feed

Modern iOS app for reading Hacker News

#1 Product of the DayMay 04, 2019
Hacker Feed is a modern, fast and elegant iOS app for reading Hacker News, with support for beautiful thumbnail previews, bookmarks, dark mode and more.
Hi PH! Hacker Feed is an iOS reader for Hacker News that focuses on providing a clean and elegant reading experience. Some highlights: - Easily swipe between tabs to browse Top, New, Show HN, Ask HN and Jobs stories - Visually browse through story cards presented in clean typography, along with compact or large thumbnails - When viewing story comments, you can tap on a comment to expand or collapse its thread - Bookmark your favourite stories to read later. This is currently persisted locally. However, iCloud sync between iOS devices is in the roadmap - Turn on Dark Mode for reading under low-lighting conditions (NEW) - This is a universal app - with split view support on iPad for easy viewing Let me know if there are any issues or feedback!
@ken_toh1 will there be an Android version?
@irresistibl @vvdhout sorry, I'm afraid there's no plans for an android version at the moment!
Very nice, I particularly like the simplicity. Would you consider a dark/black mode? ;)
@ryan_roberts1 That's in the roadmap!
@ryan_roberts1 fyi dark mode is now available in the latest version!
@ken_toh1 Yeah, it's great!
Hi muhamad your for hacker facebook
Looks great. I use Octal and I have not found something that comes close or beats it. Let’s try this and see how development progresses over time 😊
Great curated contents. Would you plan to implement Hashtag?