No nonsense, real world programming challenges

#3 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2017

hackattic is an attempt to show people that programming challenges right now are DULL, lack creativity and are a sad way to estimate someone's skills. It's a very, very early phase, hacked up over a few lazy weekends, which the simple intention of making step zero out of possibly many to come.

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This looks promising.
@erickbarron86 "Promising" is pretty much what I've been aiming for at this stage, wanted to validate if this is in any way something people would like/use... so I'm stoked!
@erickbarron86 @maligree I would love to use. At least being a developer I can how much time do I take to complete challenges and assess myself
This is a great start @maligree. I would love to share it among my devs friends.

Great idea and wonderful execution.


From all the different code challenge sites, this one is the closest in feeling to actually building something useful.


Still growing - just a few challenges for now (but they will keep you busy for a while)

This looks amazing @maligree! I love how simple and straightforward the approach is :) Also really appreciate the honesty in your about page, I think the product is great and would love to take on these challenges πŸ€— Keep it up!
@amrith Hey thanks! I was wondering if anyone read that excuse of a landing page. Will keep it up!
I have always tried to find something like this! nice job!
@frederikthede hey man! if I'd known, I'd have spent less time slacking around and would've published it faster
How much time are you spending each day on this? (I'm curating educational resources for my community)
@roberthopman hard to say on a daily basis - average would be somewhere between 5-15h each week? I never really tracked time... the process of coming up with challenges is tricky and most time consuming, but also hard to track. the ideas usually come from something I've had to deal with in other projects or found somewhere deep in my notes as a "look-into-this" thing. for example, I've had the idea for a websocket-based challenge for a while, prototyped it a bit, but still not happy with the general idea. a lot of time goes into making sure these aren't bland... I also like to put a tiny easter egg (a hidden link to a cool RFC encoded in one of the values of a problem set) into these, and that... well... takes up way too much time sometimes. I suck at time.
@maligree cool. I'll check in after a month again to see how things are going. Best place is the changelog?
@roberthopman Yup, that's the place. For now!