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Hello everyone, Recently I, along with my amazing colleagues, won the Google Startup Weekend (St.Cloud) event (it's basically a hackathon). After winning that hackathon I came to the realization that if one of my colleagues hadn't pointed out that this event existed, I would have never known about the event. I began to look at the Apple app store the following day to find an app that provided a comprehensive list of hackathon events with an attention to detail and great organization. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one. What I found was a pile of apps from different universities and non-profit organizations for their own hackathon events. I needed something with all events from various organizations, and so Hackathons was created. I created Hackathons in order to find local hackathon events around me and to also find events around the globe in the event that I may someday travel to participate in these wonderful events. The Hackathons app currently allows users to search local and global hackathon events, save events to their calendars, find location information, find out whether or not a particular hackathon event is free, and register for events. For those of you who work in the media, I made a neat press kit in the form of a blog post. You can check it out here: https://medium.com/@_Guled_/hack...
@_guled_ Where are you sourcing the event data from? Spingo? EventBrite? Somewhere else? - user submitted?
@datarade Right now I'm taking from Eventbrite, but I have a list of other sources I'm going to be working with next week.
@_guled_ cool. I think one thing you can do is periodically post in the hackathon hackers facebook groups. I think a human curated list would work too.
A list of hackathons is cool, and reviews of each is cool. But what would be interesting is the long run efficacy of each hackathon. How many teams turned into founding teams, how many people got jobs out of it, money raised, exits etc. A scorecard for each relevant metric.
@shloky That wouldn't be hard to implement. A IMDb + Angellist type of implementation would be quite fun to implement. Thanks for the idea.
@shloky Love this comment - We are building an autism tech incubator and have seen so much good will wasted but projects that don't finish - we are doing a small beta hackathon to test new approaches - would like to get your ideas
This is really interesting. Thanks!
@markorussiver You're welcome. :)
Very cool concept, well done. I will definitely check it out. @sandochee this might also be for you
@carlos_bernabeu @sandochee Thank you for your kind words Carlos. :)
Great idea. Is it limited to this type of event ?
@kevinmineyours Thank you. Hackathons currently features hackathon events, but I will eventually incorporate code conferences as well.
@_guled_ All takes time hey ? Enjoy the journey.