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A boilerplate for Node.js web applications.

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Nice! That README alone is already gold!
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Think i'll use this for the Product Hunt Hackathon https://www.facebook.com/events/...
Creator of the Hackathon Starter here. Feel free to ask me anything about the project.
@evnowandforever Thanks! I don't participate in hackathons anymore, but still tinker with a lot of app ideas every now and then. This project seems perfect to start those ideas with for a quick validation. Very helpful.
@evnowandforever good job on that. I am pretty sure it helps a lot to just get started or familiar with node.js, like I am hoping for myself. I am a total beginner with node.js ... do you have any tipp about hosting the first app? I would like to play around with it, but don't want to spend money for hosting?
@toabsorb Heroku, I believe is still the best for that, even after their recent changes to free tier. It's very easy to get started, no need for configs, it just works. Check out Deployment section in Hackathon Starter readme for step by step instructions on how to deploy your app with various hosting providers.
Sample app with working API examples here: http://hackathonstarter.herokuap...
This is a really helpful project. Thanks, @EvNowAndForever!