Hackathon PR is an easy way to get press coverage for your Product Hunt Hackathon Project!

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Hey everyone! I’m here today launching Hackathon PR, a simple way to get free press for your project! 💪 So you’ve spent all this time building your Product Hunt Hackathon Project, but then what? Without traction, it’s hard for a project to grow into a company. We’ll help you capture the early buzz surrounding your launch and amplify it through press outreach. Let’s work together and give your projects some legs. When the competition wraps, we’ll choose three projects at random out of all the products submitted on Hackathon PR to receive a free press kit, strategy session, ​and outreach. If you’re interested in skipping the line, we also have an option to buy the package up front. 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
Oooh, nice idea. It would be great to see some examples of the press coverage being secured from this, after it launches.
@theashtube Good call! I’ll follow up with some post launch. 🙂
Now I hope this comment won't change my odds of being one of the three lucky winners of the free PR package... but @frantzlight you picked a true pain point with this, I could easily be tempted to become a paying customer
@insert_nick Thanks Antonio! And of course not, I’m going for the blindfolded scroll and click method. Should be foolproof. 😅
This looks really good @frantzlight. I would also love to see press coverage examples. Looks like you still have Stripe in test mode for skipping the line 🙈
@iannuttall Oh man terrible timing on my part. I was just debugging live, probably should have used a separate instance for doing that. 🙀
@frantzlight Oh yeah, I've never done live debugging. 😂