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Yo! Hope life is good for you all ❤️Thanks for hunting, @_jacksmith My goals for this guide are to (1) motivate more people to blog and (2) increase their likelihood of success 🤩 Why? Blogging done right is my favorite form of marketing. To blog right means to give away free value. You share what you know (or what you and your team knows) because sharing value builds trust. And it turns out that people prefer to work with and buy from those who they know and trust. At the time of posting this the guide covers: Infrastructure (Build a deploy a high-performing blog) Topics (Find questions or start a new subject) Content (Answer a question or be an authority on a subject) Promotion (Automate sharing and re-sharing) Google Search (Get Googlet to send people to your blog) Conversions (Compel readers to take action) This guide is open to the community 🎉 If you think something is wrong, let’s talk about it. If you think an area is lacking, let’s make it better. If you think something is missing, let’s add it together 🙌 Major props for those who step up to help. esketit 💯
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@_jacksmith @daypurview Thanks again, Jack for launching with us! We're excited to share with everyone and can't wait to see your blog on page 1 💯
@_jacksmith @daypurview From a quick glance, this looks like the really useful information I've been searching for, for a while. I'll dive deeper in the morning, and best of luck with it!
@_jacksmith @finewhiner DOPE. Looking forward to chatting with you.
@daypurview Do you have a PDF version of this? Great stuff by the way!
@_jacksmith @daypurview Hey Josh, Very nice site. Congrats on a top hunt! It looks great, loads fast, and has some great tips on SEO that I haven't seen put together in one place. It's a solid resource and I'll definitely point my blogging customers here. Thanks! One site critique: There are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors. There are enough that it takes away from your message. You could really use technical editor. I'm dyslexic and only have passible use of this crazy language 🤪, so when I see problems, it's a sure bet that everyone does. Concrete example: > "But there’s so many blogs!" Everyone in the bay area talks this way, but of course that's the wrong conjugation. It's should be "But there are so many blogs!" You could probably get away with it, but you list copywriting as one of the service bullet points on the Wayf(x) homepage, so it's probably a good idea to dot your I's and cross your T's. 🧐 One bug report: I saw an error page when I tapped the Promotions link when using my iPhone X over cellular. I'm afraid I didn't take a screenshot (doh! sorry) and when I tried again at home via Wifi everything seemed A-OK. Here's the few details I'm sure of: - iPhone X using mobile Safari - Strong, fast cellular connection via T Mobile in Austin, TX - I tapped the Promotions link in the dropdown menu - The page displayed was white and generic, not a styled 404 page - The error code was 1010 - There was a lot of other text on the page, including a long UUID kind of gibberish string - CloudFlare was mentioned in there somewhere - I think it said that I didn't have permission or that my IP/browser/whatever was blocked - After I saw this error I could no longer view any page on the site - When I tried (hours?) later from home (same device but through AT&T fiber connection), the site loaded fine. Isaiah
Hi @daypurview, This looks awesome. Do you have an example of a google search I can do where one of your blogs is in the top 5? I would love to see this in action.
@hugowoodhead Thanks Woody! 🙌 If you search "epo vs hmo" you should see Candor Insurance on page 1 👍
@devinrajaram thanks, that's awesome
This looks solid. Nice design, too. Have 'pocketed' and will spend some time devouring at the weekend. Thank you Makers!
@edleake Thanks 🙏Feel free to @ me over the weekend if you have a question or want to chat. Appreciate you.
Love this guide ❤️ Great work!
Wow, this is really helpful! Thank you! 👏
@mkaroumi That's awesome to hear 😻