Hey all, Back with another episode of Hack To Start, this week we're joined by @MengTo, the founder & author of Design + Code. Meng started off his career as a self-taught graphic designer who transitioned to digital work. Wanting to move to San Francisco to learn from some of the best designers in the world - designers who were passionate about solving problems - Meng managed to stay for a year until his visa expired and he could no longer continue to work. His dreams were crushed. With nothing left to lose, and at a crossroad in his career, he set out to travel the world. He soon decided to launch a product while on his adventure. Having started to blog about a new app called Sketch, Meng quickly settled on teaching others how to design with it, and then how to bring those same designs to life through quick prototypes using xcode. Design + Code was born. Two year later, Meng is still just as passionate about helping people learn how to implement their designs as real products and continuing to build & grow Design + Code as a full time job. He’s created several products and libraries since then - some paid, some free - to keep supporting his work and the students that have been using Design + Code. Meng joins us to share his story, what motivated him to launch Design + Code, how he grew it into a full time project, what it was like to travel for 2 years, what it’s like being a new parent, and much more! Thanks for listening and thanks for the support! - Franco
@francovarriano So stoked about this podcast! Haven't been interviewed in a long time, and this was a great opportunity to talk about my new life as a parent, and look back at the 2 years of traveling around the world. Thank you Franco and Tyler, you guys were fantastic hosts.
@francovarriano can't wait to listen to this episode. Big fan of @MengTO and the resources he provides to the community! What did you find most interesting about your discussion with @MengTO?
@daniellevine Hey Daniel! Thanks for the comment! I think the most interesting thing was hearing @mengto talk about his commitment to building amazing products - not just building for the sake of building and making money - but really creating something with substance that addresses a specific need and just going as deep with that one thing as possible. I was humbled by this approach and how this fits within his perspective for creating meaning from his life & work (which we also get into with his role as a new father). Keep up the great work @MengTo!