Hack To Start - Episode 88 - Elise Ramsay, Head of Community, Eyegroove

Elise joins us to chat about the power of video & more!

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Franco Varriano
Franco VarrianoMaker@francovarriano · Host @ Hack To Start
Hey all, Back with another episode of Hack To Start - this week's ep features Elise Ramsay is the Head of Community at Eyegroove, an app for creating high quality short videos with next level effects to express your true self. Elise was previously the community manager at Wistia, a video marketing platform for businesses, where she grew their community section to over 20,000 members and increased their social following by 5x. Her passion for video and enabling individuals to express themselves creatively lead her to joining the team at Eyegroove. Elise joins us to share her story, how she got involved in startups, what she loves most about video, what she does as Head of Community at Eyegroove, and much more! Thanks for the support! - Franco