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Franco Varriano
Host @ Hack To Start
Hey everyone, Happy holidays! We're back with another episode of the podcast, this week we're chatting with Daniel Beauchamp, the Head of Virtual Reality at Shopify. Daniel has been passionate about technology and developing video games since his early teens. While taking an entrepreneurship class in university and realizing that he could build a company of his own, Daniel worked with classmates to build their first startup. After working on their startup for a bit, they eventually joined Shopify. Over the past 7 years, Daniel has been leading all kinds of projects and initiatives within the company, heading up the Internal Tools team and working on other projects like Open Data Ottawa. Daniel spent his spare time exploring VR technologies. He became so passionate about them that he decided he needed to be working on it full time. He then pitched Toby the CEO of Shopify on why they should be investing in VR and now heads up their team working on this exciting technology. Daniel joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, why he’s so passionate about VR, how he helped create Shopify VR, how he thinks about and sees the future of VR evolving, and much more! Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!
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