Hack To Start - 100: Ajay Rajani, Founder The Inevitable Collective

Why the developing world is the next big bet in VC

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Franco Varriano
Franco VarrianoMaker@francovarriano · Host @ Hack To Start
Hey everyone - Back with another episode of Hack To Start & a pretty major milestone - 100 episodes!!! This week's guest is Ajay Rajani is the Founder of The Inevitable Collective, an investment vehicle that helps build and invest in companies that push the world forward. Ajay has been a part of Grovo as the Head of Product, the founding CMO of Inventure, and is now launching new experiments including: Nextt, the first accelerator for ideas & The Inevitable Collective, a new investment vehicle that’s investing in companies with products that are primarily aimed at developing markets. Ajay joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, what he looks for when investing, how to get product/market fit, and much more! Thanks for the support!