Hack the Bird

Advanced Twitter playbook for startups and entrepreneurs

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I'll add that my favorite is the last chapter on "How to Retweet Yourself" -- which I've seen Adam do often. You do this by replying to your own tweets over any certain about of time (be it an hour, a month, a year, etc.) as long as it's still relevant, which adds context to your next tweet and exposes the older tweet through the chain of tweets to a whole new audience. Over time, those tweets become very highly engaged (assuming they were good in the first place ;)
@nivo0o0 I see you doing that... Very cool you learned that from him :)
After seeing yet another tweet if Adam's (@Khanoisseur) get 15k+ Likes & Retweets, I finally DM'd him and said "Teach Me. How do you do that?" Well, it turns out that Adam teaches an advanced Twitter class (which I instantly wanted to take) and published an eBook (which I instantly bought). And it was totally worth it to have in an eBook everything that I've observed Adam do for over a year of following him. And I am someone who is quite comfortable on Twitter... This book is specifically for people who know what they're doing. Adam, what tips would you share with people who haven't read the book yet?
@nivo0o0 @Khanoisseur I read Adam's book over the summer and it's one of the works I reference (if only mentally) all the time. If you pay really close attention to his twitter feed, you can clearly see a lot of the things he discusses (like replying to yourself) happening in real time. Looking at some of the threads, you can see how the topics evolve over time as new tangents are added, but still remain within the same context of the original tweet. Additionally, it was rally only after reading Adam's book that I started to explore the "Lists" function to its fullest potential. Even though I'm sure I still don't use it anywhere as productively as Adam does, it's still helped me to indirectly generate conversations with people I want to target while keeping me organized about my efforts. Certainly one of the books I would suggest people read immediately to get a better idea of how to leverage twitter in their favor. I agree with you Niv, that Adam is a little too modest for his own good lol, but some of his tweet-chains are worth reading all the way through to get a concrete idea of how to best go about it.
@adammarx13 "Even though I'm sure I still don't use it anywhere as productively as Adam does," -- but you ARE Adam 😬
Thanks Niv for adding HACK the BIRD (https://twitter.com/HACKtheBIRD) to Product Hunt. And thanks Adam, for your praise. The book is a culmination of 10000+ hours of research into the phycology of engagement that underpins growth and engagement on Twitter, distilled into a few easy to understand Tweeting 'Rules'--the 70-30 Rule, the 1-100 Rule, and so on. I decided to write HACK the BIRD after spending a year and a half on Twitter, reading many how-to books and blogs, and yet struggling with getting any engagement out of my Tweets, after all that work. The best advice that I can give someone who hasn't read HACK the BIRD yet is to keep an open mind--the book is full of counterintuitive advice, meaning much of what I note runs counter to the conventional wisdom about how to become good at Twitter--so it might be easy to disregard my rules. You're also going to need to be super disciplined if you want to get results from these tips--this is similar to getting a fitness trainer but then flouting the trainer's guidance. Last, but perhaps most important, you'll do better with this book if you have a passion for Twitter, for sharing valuable, unique perspectives about our incredible world, and for discovering beautiful minds beyond your specific industry or professional network! @adammarx13 @nivo0o0
@khanoisseur awesome! Thanks Adam. Looking forward to finishing the book!
I do actually have a request for Adam, as I know he is too modest to do it on his own. Can you please link to some of the tweet chains (retweeting yourself) and break down how you thought of each and what came of them? @Khanoisseur
@nivo0o0 whattt...so downloading..thanks